December 4, 2019
Saving an architectural firm $250k per year in Data Storage.

Saving a leading architectural firm $250k per year in Data Storage..

REDD Digital was engaged to perform a Digital MRI (Manage, Reimagine, Innovate) for a leading Brisbane architectural consultancy firm. In QLD, the law requires BIM (Building Information Modelling) records to be managed securely, at least for the life of the infrastructure asset (from conception to demolition or disposal), in a central repository by the asset owning/maintaining public authority (Queensland State Architects, 2019 1 ).

The need to store large files, for lengthy periods of time, has become costly and complex.

This has also seen private companies involved in infrastructure, such as architectural and construction firms, adhering to similar record keeping timelines. Data and file sizes are becoming larger, with 8k video footage and 50-megapixel cameras now available. The need to store large files, for lengthy periods of time, has become costly and complex. The architectural firm (the Firm) we worked with needed a way to store their vast amounts of data in a more efficient and cost effective way. Our Digital MRI found that the Firm had over a petabyte of data storage and highlighted that all of this data was being stored in an expensive, private cloud environment.

We knew that by segmenting the data into a variety of data types, we could archive a large portion of the data and save the Firm money by transitioning them to a more cost feasible storage solution. REDD Digital understood that archiving the data was only viable to the business if they were able to access this data easily and in a timely fashion.

  • Savings of $250K per annum by archiving a large slice of their data
  • 24 hour data retrieval process by implementing the right archival storage solution
  • Recommend and subsequently implemented the best solution (through our capacity as CDO via REDD Digital’s CDO-as-a-service)