December 4, 2019
Shaping an ASX listed company's digital future

Shaping an ASX listed company's digital future.

Digital MRI

REDD Digital was engaged by a listed Australian Entity, through one of their Advisors, to perform our Digital MRI (Manage, Reimagine, Innovate).

This entity had been suffering financially, recording losses year on year, and they needed to turn this around. They had an internal information technology team; however, they did not have the internal capability to implement a strategy for change.

The core focus of the Digital MRI was to identify wastage and optimise digital spend. REDD Digital looked for ways that existing equity could be diverted into digital innovation. This was an in-depth process, where REDD Digital worked closely with the client’s IT team to find solutions to the problem, with the resources they already had.

Key results from the MRI.

  • $750k of the annual digital spend was being incorrectly allocated
  • 12-month savings optimisation plan provided
  • No further fiscal investment required to solve the problem

CDO as a Service.

Following the Digital MRI, the entity engaged REDD Digital’s CDO-as-a-service. This was to assist their IT team with implementing the findings of the Digital MRI. REDD Digital and the internal IT team worked together on reshaping their digital spend and reinvesting the savings into digital innovation.

Key results from the CDO.

  • The organisation recorded a break even result for the Financial Year
  • 12-month savings optimisation goal achieved within 7 months
  • Plan executed with existing resources