December 4, 2019
Automating your workflows: How to do more, with less.

Automating your workflows: How to do more, with less.

REDD Digital was engaged by a leading Australian Funds Manager to perform a business process review. The firm was looking to grow their customer base and use technology and automation to minimise the need to hire more staff. However, they had a set of manually intensive workflow and business process problems that were prohibiting them from achieving their strategic objectives.

REDD's Digital Analyst service was run in a very deliberate and thorough way. We first looked for improvements to productivity. Then we looked at optimisations that freed up the client’s resources. We searched for ways that Digital Best Practice could eliminate time wasted on manual tasks and help the team focus on assisting clients.

We performed business process mapping to identify their most business-critical processes. We first focused on improving these, before moving onto developing any automation.

Key outcomes of the Digital Analyst service:

  • 40 processes identified that could be performed more efficiently.
  • 10 most critical processes identified and 25 automations identified through business process mapping.
  • Existing processes made at a minimum 60x faster.
  • Saved each department a full day in human resource time by implementing a centralised reporting system.