November 26, 2020
5 Reasons To Oursource Your IT

If there’s one thing that all companies need in order to remain relevant, it’s change. Stay up-to-date with agnostic advice and the right technology from a partner who understands your organisation.

1. Redundancy

Outsourcing your IT delivers a depth of resources you otherwise cannot achieve without substantial investment, and therefore helps to ensure you’re always covered. No more worrying about what to do when your internal team aren’t available.

2. Performance

Simply put, if we don’t deliver as your Outsourced IT partner, then you don’t pay and we’re out of a job. There are no HR issues for you to handle and thus to terminate a contractor is much easier than an underperforming employee.

3. Scale

How do you handle ramping up or down for changes in your business when you have fixed internal resourcing costs? Outsource to REDD and only pay for what you need, when you need it.

4. Remaining up-to-date

To maintain high standards and retain vendor certifications, we must ensure our team is trained and tested to the standards necessary to deliver upon the complexity that is everything tech these days. No need for you to invest into training and certifications, whilst worrying if your internal resource will leave after you’ve trained them up!

5. Challenge the status-quo  

Outsourcing your IT provides a different, new perspective, leveraging experiences and insights from our team working with other clients across a broad variety of industries. What has work successfully in another company or industry could be applied to solve a lingering challenge you may have.

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