August 11, 2020
Why is Microsoft Teams the best cloud collaboration tool?

Teams that work well together, communicate effectively and regularly collaborate are absolutely essential to a successful business. But so many businesses do not enable their teams to do any of these things. With modern workplaces having people working remotely and across different timezones, it has become more paramount than ever to ensure your team can stay on the same page.

Digital collaboration tools like Slack, Skype for Business and Microsoft Teams are meant to assist with helping businesses as a whole, and on a departmental level, better share information and communicate. Skype for Business is being decommissioned, Slack still has a following (especially in the developer crowd) but Microsoft Teams is the only collaboration tool that offers the tight connectivity with the rest of the Office 365 ecosystem.

And why is this so important? Because Microsoft’s suite of other business-oriented applications continue to be the most used by small to medium enterprises around the world. Whilst Google’s G-suite has made some traction for smaller sized SMEs (less than 10 employees), Office 365 tends to be more widely adopted as employee numbers grow beyond this point. A tightly integrated digital ecosystem means data is more easily accessed and shared and the creation, and building upon, of company IP is made much easier.

Microsoft Teams not only delivers a great, cloud collaboration tool for your team but it also provides an intuitive user interface for sharing data from some of the more complex components of the Office 365 ecosystem (SharePoint, Flow, Power BI). Microsoft Teams easily slots into an enterprise already on the journey of adopting and utilising cloud services and it’s also a great starting point for those firms that have only just started that journey.

Whilst some have argued that Microsoft Teams becomes too compartmentalised, having to dig through a bloat of Teams and Channels to find information, the truth is that many Microsoft Teams implementations lack the structure required to utilise this tool successfully. It’s cloud capability, customisability, text, call and video chat functionality mean that when implemented correctly, Microsoft Teams is one of the most robust team communication tools on the market. It has the ability to control who can access certain Teams Channels and exactly what information is shared within that channel (unlike the free-for-all of Slack), enabling the right people to collaborate in real-time, no matter where they are.

At REDD Digital, we’ve created a Microsoft Teams implementation that avoids all the pitfalls of ineffectively using this collaboration tool. Our Microsoft Teams implementation has been designed to ensure the increased efficiency and efficacy of your people after it is rolled out. But we also work with you closely following the initial implementation, to make any adjustments as your team adapts to a new way of communicating.

If you’re interested in implementing Microsoft Teams but you want to make sure it’s done right, please reach out to us getting in touch.

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