September 18, 2020
Microsoft Teams: the future of the Modern Workplace

Microsoft announced in July last year that Skype for Business would be discontinued on 31st July 2021. In turn, they have also announced that they will be

investing billions of dollars into their Microsoft Teams solution, describing it as “the hub for teamwork” in Microsoft Office 365.

With a tonne of exciting features being progressively rolled-out, you might want to consider this platform as your next collaboration and communication tool. But before you do, consider this basic guide to help you get started.

Implementing Microsoft Teams

Like any business transformation, it’s best to go into it with a plan. At REDD Digital, our approach to a Microsoft Teams implementation looks at the different requirements across a business and maps out the solution before rolling it out to your organisation.

1.    Make a plan

We talk to your business leaders and relevant stakeholders to ensure we understand your organisation in the context of this collaboration tool. We find out exactly what Teams need to be created, and who needs to be involved, based on our conversations. We will establish a change management process, which includes training the trainers within your business, training employees and finally, developing and supporting your nominated subject matter experts – ‘Teams Champions’.

2.    Rapidly Implement

Once we have completed the first step, the actual implementation of Microsoft Teams across your business can be done quickly. We have implemented Microsoft Teams for companies with over 200 unique Teams within the platform, in just 1 day. We make use of automations, to achieve a high-quality set-up, with only the right people assigned to the right Team.

3.    Provide Ongoing Support

Our approach helps alleviate the stress of migrating to a new way of communicating across your business. We understand that for many businesses, Teams is very different to ‘business as usual’ processes. Therefore, we also provide ongoing utilisation monitoring, support and advice on expected vs. actual outcomes. For example, with the implementation of Teams, your organisation might expect the use of email to drop. If this is not the case, we will bring this to the attention of your ‘Teams Champions’ and highlight the benefits of using alternatives to email that exist within the platform. Your ‘Teams Champions’ are then empowered to share this information to the other members of your business.

Customised for Your Business

Microsoft is building an ecosystem through Office 365 to help people work more collaboratively. Leveraging the entire Microsoft Office 365 ecosystem, particularly Microsoft Teams, takes less of a technical approach and more of a business strategy and business logic approach. By analysing, workshopping and thoroughly considering your business strategy and logic, you can implement this platform in a way that suits your business’ unique requirements.

Microsoft Teams challenges the old school way of building a system, where an organisation was forced to fit into a system, with little to no customisation available.

Now, Microsoft teams provides a flexible platform – acknowledging that in the Modern Workplace, there is no one size fits all. Your business strategy, logic, resources and constraints shape the way the platform is implemented for you.

If you’re interested in learning more about implementing Microsoft Teams and making your organisation a true Modern Workplace, please get in touch.

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