August 11, 2020
What does a digital transformation journey look like?

A digital transformation journey sounds like it’s something that has a beginning and an end. And this mindset is not uncommon, as many of us continue to view a business, its strategy and operations as separate to ‘digital phenomena’. But in an era steeped in digital innovation, there really is no ‘end’ to a digital transformation journey.

Starting the journey is really just an essential transition for your business into a world where digital will become a synonymous and natural part of your day-to-day. And once you have started, ongoing digital transformation will better equip your company for growth and success.

But how do you start a new way of doing things for your firm? The initial steps are crucial. Every company is unique and whilst some key elements of digital innovation are staples of any firm’s digital transformation (centralising data, leveraging the cloud, efficient business processes), your digital strategy will need to be carefully planned according to your business goals.

And whilst it may be surprising, many companies have thrown themselves into a digital transformation without laying any foundations for success.

We often see very little planning, hear catastrophes of enormous sunk costs, poor decision making, no structure and certainly no follow through. Without a clear understanding of the intent of the digital transformation, the whole concept becomes just that; a concept, intangible and ‘too hard’ to achieve.

But the initial stages do not have to be fraught with these mistakes. You can succeed with the right plan in place to keep focussed and achieve your firm’s strategic goals. I know you’re no stranger to planning –yearly budgets anyone? Your digital transformation journey requires the same disciplined and thorough application of strategising and execution. For some reason, though, the word digital has the most skilled professionals throwing abandon to their many years of experience in effectively implementing strategy.

Given this is the case, it is important to have the right digital transformation partner along for the ride. REDD Digital has a truly vast combined wealth of expertise in digital transformation. Our team is passionate about helping firms thrive in what is the most competitive and rapidly changing market ever seen for most industries. It is so important to start your digital transformation journey off right. Remember, once it starts, it really doesn’t stop – so a great foundation is key.

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