August 11, 2020
Why mapping your business process is essential to your digital vision

This year’s business strategy carefully considered digital as intrinsic to each business units’ goals. But that is only the first step and whilst it was a foundational one, it is time to ensure these digital strategies are effectively implemented across departments.

Digital, as a centre-point to your business, is a fairly new phenomenon and so many of the business processes across the firm are in direct contradiction of the efficiencies required to achieve your strategic goals. This is where business process mapping becomes essential to your digital vision. The reason you’ve decided to make digital such a key component of your business strategy is because all the evidence shows that digitally enabled businesses operate in a more efficient capacity than their digital laggard counterparts. And business process mapping is all about improving organisational efficiency, so it really is the next logical step.

Whilst your business may never have set out to do an exercise such as this before, when you take a look at business process mapping as a concept, it is one of the most intuitively sensible practices a business can implement. It considers existing processes, pools together the ideas and pain points of a business unit’s key stakeholders and then maps the business process, so that it’s easy to visualise the areas where digital automations can save time and create efficiency.

Why haven’t we been doing this all along? Processes run a business. In fact, processes are a business. If they are bloated, inefficient and laden with manual workflows, then suffice to say that the business itself would mirror this sluggishness.

I wonder how many times a new employee has questioned why something is done a certain way at your company and their colleague has said ‘because that’s how it’s always been done’. If this is the reason your business processes exist, then mapping your business processes is long overdue. You want your staff to answer those questions with ‘because it is more efficient’, ‘because this automation gives us time to follow-up with our clients’, ‘because this ensures we have accurate data entry’. Efficient business processes, that make sense to your employees, will aid in removing the underlying negativity that many of them feel about their workflows. Manual workflows force employees to work harder, often on things that are not core to achieving strategic outcomes and beget business-wide complacency.

If you’re ready to turn your business into an efficient hub of processes, supported by digital innovation, please get in touch. Our dedicated Digital Analysts have worked with many firms to reimagine their business processes, increase efficiency and achieve their strategic goals.

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