Data Analytics.
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The majority of businesses currently collect historical data and visualise insights through basic, manual reporting. The next stage of this is Data Analytics, where more and more organisations are using scientific methods, algorithms and processes to add value and enhance business performance. REDD's Data Science team enable your business to leverage your data and make evidence-based decisions.    

Engaged through a monthly analysis, recommendations and implementation framework, our pool of both onshore and offshore data scientists interact with your data sets to help you understand ways to focus your limited resources towards greater business insights that would make a material difference.

  • Unlocks the potential of your data.

  • Enables you to identify trends and shifts.

  • Ability to generate predictive modelling.

  • Develop agile strategies to economic changes.

  • Enhance business performance with deeper insights.

  • Gain a competitive advantage.

The REDD experience has been crucial to understanding how our business model works.

Katherine Patel Partner at HLB Mann Judd