Project Management.
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Embarking on the process of developing new business software or a digital project can be enduring with limited experience or available time. REDD provides a full-stack project management service, enabling you to focus on the day-to-day operations while we assist you to govern, control and monitor your project.   

REDD’s tailored three-phase approach, covering strategy, governance and execution, provides a guiding presence through every stage.  

  • Ensuring a successful project without frustration.

  • A trusted and knowledgeable source.

  • The know-how to eliminate barriers when presented.

  • Experience in facilitating on and offshore projects.

  • Ability to continue, re-ignite or rescue failed projects.

I had a vision but I didn't quite know how to get there and the benefit with REDD is that they  provide that high level of skill.

Justin Smart Chief Operating Officer at Trilogy Funds