SKY Business Insights.
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Fully harnessing your business data will enable you to drill down into what is truly going to impact your business. SKY is a powerful REDD developed platform that will provide your business with visual tools to fuel data-driven decisions and gain a competitive advantage over your competitors.

Our methodology is a combination of world class cloud computing, business knowledge, data analytics, data science and BI tools.

  • Centralisation of all data within your business.

  • Eliminates the need to build internal data lakes or warehouses.

  • Connects over 30 different systems & ever-evolving.

  • Enables your team to make more informed business strategies.

  • Identifies and communicates key measures for action.

  • Ongoing REDD team support and initial set-up.

The REDD experience has been crucial to understanding how our business model works.

Katherine Patel Partner at HLB Mann Judd