Technology Review.
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We have recognised an increase in businesses who believed their custom software was excellent, only to later find critical back-end issues due to developers not implementing appropriate technology. It becomes extremely challenging to face when companies have to completely re-build.

REDD’s Technology Review Service is a deep review of your software to ensure best practice and identify vulnerabilities. Business who invest in a Technology Review minimise the risk of threat penetration, discover and fix problems early and safeguard their investment for scalability and reliability.

If you’re currently working on a project, re-evaluating or would like to review the status of your current software, it is worthwhile to invest in an external Technology Review that identifies:

  • Statement of work review.

  • Specification review.

  • Technical architecture review.

  • Code base review for functional and non-functional specification compliance.

  • Security compliance and scalability review.

  • Cloud infrastructure implementation review.

The REDD experience has been crucial to understanding how our business model works.

Katherine Patel Partner at HLB Mann Judd