Alex Ferguson.
Digital Project Director

Alex is a degree qualified aerospace engineer, executive MBA graduate, and a passionate and effective leader. He enjoys helping people and organisations implement business-improving solutions using Digital Best Practice. Alex will bring out-of-the-box thinking to any problem you need solved.

He is a Registered Project Manager (MAIPM, CPPM) with experience across a broad range of infrastructure, buildings and mission critical systems. He’ll employ the same systematic, engineering-like approach to your digital transformation journey.

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Alex will keep a level head throughout your projects, to ensure the best outcomes are achieved during our partnership. He’s also very understanding when it comes to how stressful managing change can be, so he always takes a rational and calm approach to any problems that arise.

Alex also has a keen interest in the potential for positive change that AI and machine learning can have across many industries. He’s been involved with the development of several AI systems and loves testing new ways that digital innovations can help make people’s lives better.

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