Alexandra Essebier.
Digital Data Scientist

Alex has vast experience as an independent researcher and data scientist. She was involved with developing and applying statistical and machine learning approaches, to process and analyse large datasets. After enjoying her time as an academic, she was ready to join the private sector and tackle the digital challenges faced by companies in an increasingly data driven world.  She brings firsthand experience in data manipulation, processing, visualisation and analysis to the REDD Digital team. This knowledge of data science, statistics and machine learning is ideal for solving core business problems. Alex is very strategically minded and outcomes-focused, which means she loves helping your firm reach tangible outcomes. With the combination of digital and scientific analysis, she can provide insights that will help drive productivity, efficiency, profitability and more.

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Alex has the skills to use cutting-edge digital tools to identify and learn from trends and patterns stored in your company's data. She can use this information to provide valuable insights and guide future operations within your company.

Alex also has an interest in promoting women in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics). She has spoken with high school students about her work, with the aim of demonstrating the different types of careers and opportunities that can be unlocked with a STEM background.

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