Max Maclean.
Director - Technology Solutions

Max is our infrastructure technology leader, with expertise in everything from Microsoft Azure, Office 365, Cyber governance and security of your digital assets. Max has a Bachelor’s Degree in Information Technology and has had a keen interest in digital innovation and trends all his life. Having worked as a Systems Engineer before joining REDD, Max understands the importance of having a strong, secure, connected digital ecosystem.

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Max loves how technology can drive greater efficiency and how it continues to evolve, with exciting innovations a constant part of the digital space. One of the best parts about working for REDD Digital is being able to show partners how Digital Best Practice can benefit them professionally, drawing parallels to the way technology has benefited our daily lives already; why can’t it be the same at work?

In the same way that we at REDD Digital challenge the status quo, Max enjoys being challenged to deliver cutting edge solutions that no else can and optimising environments to deliver value to our customers. Whilst you work with us, Max will be a close partner, heading projects that involve Azure, data storage, VoIP, video conferencing, business-grade internet, hardware, Microsoft licencing, security and the suite of Microsoft Office 365 apps (including PowerApps and Flow).

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