Nigel Heyn.
Founder & CEO

Nigel is a passionate, business-centric entrepreneur, with an instinct and curiosity for technology.

Nigel has successfully built several companies, all underpinned by the desire to leverage technology smarts in order to positively influence business models and realise stakeholder dreams.

Leveraging a vast network of global contacts established over more than 25 years in business, Nigel thrives on learning what best practices exist in order to provide digital excellence for his clients'​ successes.

In the words of Walt Disney, “If you can dream it, you can do it”.

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Nigel worked in the Managed Service Provider (MSP) industry for over 20 years before REDD Digital was born. He’d become disillusioned with the reactive nature of the industry, where the customer’s best interests were often sacrificed to chase margin. He knew that Digital Best Practice could be leveraged to create a proactive organisation, empowered by the tools of the Modern Digital Workplace, to drive down costs, improve the engagement and productivity of your team and increase innovation. So, he decided to challenge the status quo and thus REDD was born.

Nigel is passionate about empowering greater business success in Australia, through the adoption of existing and emerging technologies.

With vast global partnerships established over the last 25 years, Nigel has created REDD Digital to help organisations embrace the complete stack of digital success; Digital Advisory, Modern Cloud, Data Analytics, Immersive Technologies and Artificial Intelligence.

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